Hello everyone, happy sunday again 🙂

To wrap up the last blog post with the theme of spending less, I’ll be diving into a few ways that each of us can spend mindfully. What I mean by this is less spending on meaningless things, and more spending on things or experiences that nourish our minds and souls. It is incredible easy to mindlessly spend money when we get caught up in our daily routines or with trying to keep up with other people. The following examples are a few ways to spend your money that not only entertain, but also benefit you in the long run.

  1. Books – One type of endless entertainment comes in the form of books. You can literally find a book on almost any topic. Unless a book was particularly awful, I’ve never met anyone who has regretted purchasing a book. Selections like fiction, nonfiction and ‘how to’ books are a gateway of easily accessible information that can be difficult to obtain anywhere else. Books are also extremely economical as you can buy used at various bookstores.
  2. Classes – Similar to books, spending money on classes or education is one way to pass the time while learning something new. Investing in yourself is never a bad idea, and if you do a little research you can find some really affordable courses. Options include Coursera or CreativeLive.
  3. Trips – If you are looking for a new adventure or want to learn about a different way of life or culture, travel is the way to do it. Unless something really terrifying or dangerous happens, people are almost always enriched when they spend money to travel. Traveling is also a great way to meet new people and further expand your network, so it really is money well spent.
  4. Ideas – Do you have a new idea that you’d like to invest in ? Do you think it could make a difference or lead to a new career opportunity ? The things in life that draw us toward positivity and happiness are usually worth investing in. Even if the idea does not work out, it is a good feeling to know that you tried and that you had the courage to put yourself out there when most people do not. Invest in your ideas because what you have to offer the world, from your unique perspective, is invaluable. Life is too short to doubt yourself.
  5. Hobbies – Hobbies are a fantastic way to spend your money as they help to keep the mind active and allow you to indulge in your interests. Life isn’t just about work – we all have interests that, if cultivated, could be used as a way to relieve stress or even grow into a more lucrative hobby.

So there you have it – just a few ways to invest your money in meaningful ways. When you invest in yourself, the result is often positive and its benefits are exponential.

I hope you have a great week.




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