Happy Sunday – I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend !

This month I’ll kick off a new theme, “Keeping New Year’s resolutions.”

Now that we are more than a month into the new year, it is important to reflect and make sure that we are still on track for meeting our goals. This is usually the time of the year that we begin to forget our resolutions and fall into old habits. This post will feature a few tips for staying on track to meet your goals.

  1. Think back to why you created your resolution (s). Are these goals important enough for you to carry through ?
  2. Think about what your life will be like if you do not move forward with these goals. Should you sacrifice your objectives to remain the same ?
  3. How much effort will it take to complete these goals ? Regardless of what the goal is, you should create a feasible plan to accomplish them and estimate the amount of time you will need.
  4. Try not to get overwhelmed with your goals. Sometimes thinking about your dreams or goals and realizing how much effort they can take can be discouraging. The best way to approach this is to refer to the last point and break down the goal into bite sized pieces so that it can be achieved in a reasonable amount of time.
  5. Do you have the support you need to achieve your goals ? If you cannot name at least one person in your life that supports your dreams, it is time to find a group that does. Search for a support system or group through meetup, or mutual friends, who have something in common and can support you when you feel like giving up.

I hope that these tips will help to get you back on track with your new year’s resolutions. Remember, most goals that are difficult to achieve are the most rewarding goals of all, so do not give up.




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