Save Time When Creating Video

Ok, so you are ready to save TIME when editing your video, but you don’t quote know where to start? Well the good news is that today I’m giving you a sneak peak into Module 4 of my course: Editing with Ease! If you are ready to save time when editing, use this checklist!

  1. When organizing your clips, be sure to name them. For example, if you have a clip that you want to use at the beginning of a video, name it ‘Use.Beginning.’ If you have a clip that you don’t want to use, just title it ‘DoNotUse.’ This will help you to stay organized when importing your clips into a video editor. Just drag them into your editing timeline and organize them based on the label!
  2. Create a timeline for how you’d like to organize your video clips. Once you map out what your beginning, middle, and end will look like, you can just drag in your clips based on how they are named!
  3. Before you open your editing software, plan your edits out in advance. For example, if you know that your call to action will drive to your website, you’d include that in your plan. If you know that you want to use music, and that you want to fade the music in/out, also put this in the plan.
  4. Be sure to take the appropriate measures when creating your video – meaning, make sure that your audio is good quality and that you are prepared when you film your video. This will drastically reduce time during editing. The alternative is also true – if you have a lot to fix up in the editing process, this can make the video editing process very, very long.
  5. Utilize presets when needed. Presets include titles, color corrections, and even transitions! This can really save you time and can make the quality of your video look much more professional in minutes.

I hope that these time-saving video editing tips make their way into your editing workflow! Anything that you can do to really plan out and organize your process will ultimately help you to save time.

If you want to learn more about skipping the learning curve to create an awesome video that will exceed your business needs, click here.

Talk soon,

Morgan KG, Video and Marketing Strategist

Founder & CEO, Raleigh Media Co.


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