The Secret Sauce to Video Marketing

Today I’m going to share with you everything that your TOUGHEST competitor doesn’t want you to know, and it also happens to be a part of module 5 of my Level Up with Video Program. Today we are going to chat marketing.

Step 1: Think about the current social media platforms that you use. Integrating video into your marketing plan doesn’t have to mean hours and hours of extra work a week. Start small by integrating video into the platforms that you already use. A couple of examples:

Instagram – Stories, ads, posts

Facebook – Stories, ads, posts, lives

Twitter – Posts, livestreams, ads

LinkedIn – Posts, profile videos, blog posts, ads

Step 2: Think about how your audience likes to consume video content. If your audience prefers informal, off-the-cuff-style videos, then a live stream would likely be the best way to reach them. If you audience prefers very formal or edited videos, then a pre-recorded video series might resonate the best.

Step 3: Another great way to extend the reach of your videos is by leveraging your blog and website! Whenever you create a video, you can also create a blog post around the same topic and embed the video. Embedding video into your blog posts is GREAT for SEO! Plus it gives people the option of choosing the text or video format.

Another tip for embedding your video is to be sure to host the video on YouTube. This way, you are not only providing video content to your audience, but you are enhancing the SEO of your website while also building your YouTube channel

Aside from leveraging your blog, another idea is to add the video to your website’s homepage. When you add video to your homepage, visitors will most likely stop to watch the video. This will increase the amount of time that someone spends on your page and will help to improve your SEO.

Step 4: Content curation & engagement

Looking for other ways to further enhance the visibility of your video? Content curation sites are a great way to submit your videos so that the people looking for information in your niche can find it! Be sure to fill out all of the description and tag fields to make your video as searchable as possible.

Content curation sites:

Step 5: So now that you’ve gathered some ideas, the key to truly being successful is to set a schedule for yourself and to stay consistent. Without consistency in marketing, it is very difficult to measure results and make a long term difference in your business. My recommendation is to block time on your calendar to ensure that you have time set aside to market your videos on a consistent basis.

So now that you’ve had a sneak peak of what is available in module 5 of The Level Up with Video Program…do you think that having all of this information at your fingertips would help to streamline your video creation process to now only create high-quality videos that you are PROUD of, but also market these videos in a way that makes sense for your business?

Click here to learn all about the Level Up with Video Program!

Talk soon,

Morgan KG, Video and Marketing Strategist

Founder & CEO, Raleigh Media Co.


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