Ok, so you are probably wondering how the heck you use Facebook live for your business. You’ve probably heard all about how great live video is for your business, but you might not be 100% sure how to implement it. Here are a few tips to help push you through your start to using Facebook live to grow your business online!

Tip 1: Practice, practice, practice. Facebook live can be super intimidating if you are brand new to it. The thought of talking live, on camera, to many people can be seriously frightening for people. Believe it or not, I was there at one point in my video career. However, with practice I was able to move past the awkwardness I was feeling, and now going live is literally one of my FaVoRiTe things to do! I see it as relaxing time to catch up with those in my group or those that follow my Facebook page.

Tip 2: Treat it like a conversation. One of the huge differentiators of Facebook live is that you are able to engage with your audience live! This is amazing because it helps to build the relationship between you and your viewers. Doing this over a long period of time can definitely cause someone to purchase from you if you are selling something. Treating this as a conversation will help to make you feel more relaxed, and also make it more fun for your audience! Be sure to engage, call them out by name when they join and answer their questions, and be sure to ask your viewers to comment where they are watching from, like the video, and share it if it was helpful!

Tip 3: Be consistent. A lot of people expect to see results from Facebook live only after they go live once or twice. The key with anything in marketing is consistency! Going live on a consistent basis will help to build trust with your audience that will grow over time. Your audience will also begin to expect your Facebook lives on a consistent basis, which will help to grow your following!

Tip 4: Let them know! Before you go live, be sure to let your audience know a couple days ahead of time and also the day before you go live. This way, your audience will expect you and will make time to tune into your live!

Tip 5: Re-purpose your lives. When you create any video, don’t view the video as a one-time thing. You can re-purpose video content for days! For example, once you create your Facebook live, you can download the video and upload it to your Instagram feed or YouTube. You can then link to the YouTube video from your website! Additionally, as soon as you go live, you should share the video to your Facebook group and personal Facebook page.

Facebook lives, once done over time, are a fantastic way for you to reach your audience, grow your clientele and your business.

To learn more about Facebook lives and to interact with other entrepreneurs who are growing their business just like you, be sure to join my free Facebook group here.


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