Simple Sundays: Keeping resolutions

Happy Sunday – I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend ! This month I’ll kick off a new theme, “Keeping New Year’s resolutions.” Now that we are more than a month into the new year, it is important to reflect and make sure that we are still on track for meeting our goals. This is usually […]

Simple Sundays: Spend Mindfully

Hello everyone, happy sunday again 🙂 To wrap up the last blog post with the theme of spending less, I’ll be diving into a few ways that each of us can spend mindfully. What I mean by this is less spending on meaningless things, and more spending on things or experiences that nourish our minds […]

Simple Sundays: Eat healthy for less

Happy Sunday, everyone ! To stay on track with this month’s theme of spending less, I wanted to share some tips on how to save money on food throughout the week. Food is definitely an area that is easy to splurge on. With a busy schedule it can be very easy to stop for quick meals […]

NEW Series: Simple Sundays

Hey there – I hope you had a fantastic weekend. Today I kick off my new blog series, “Simple Sundays.” I’ve been craving to create and read more content about simple living and ways that we can incorporate these practices into our own lives on a daily basis. This includes the food that we eat and […]

Simple Sundays: Ten ways to spend your Friday night

I’d like to challenge everyone with January’s topic: Spending less. With the holidays now past us, I think most people can relate with the need to save money. It is also a time when New Year’s resolutions overtake the lives of many (or at least temporarily). Whether you want to save a few dollars here and […]

Can travel help you grow professionally?

Travel provides skills that are transferable to almost any situation – especially the workplace. Learn how the skills that you gain while travelling can benefit you at work.