“Morgan’s video program really helped me to understand the steps to creating a professional and exceptional video for our organization. One of the most valuable aspects of the program was the hands on learning, demos, and video examples that she used when she put herself in front of the camera! There are so many resources out there, but this program really delivers all of the steps needed to shoot video and reduce time needed to plan out the video. I know that this program will bring value to my nonprofit, because our mission is so valuable and now we have a much clearer and effective way of marketing our cause.  

We most likely wouldn’t have had the funds to pay for a professional to come in and shoot a video, or the time to take a long course about how to do this ourselves, but Raleigh Media Company’s video truly covered all the bases of what we needed to excel here. To then have her create a video marketing strategy for us took the support to the next level. I know she will continue to support us along the way as we continue to learn about video marketing and this is a comfort for me as a beginner in this area. She is exactly what we needed and her hard work will help us excel and help more families in need in the hospitals!” – Nicolette Moinet, founder and Executive Director, The DTM Foundation